Studio B

Travel the stars as you pilot studio B’s SSL Duality console. You’ll have the A list of today’s studio technology at your fingertips as you record & mix the soundscapes of your next sonic voyage.

Augspurger Duo mains deliver all the energy and power you’ll need to follow your muse towards sonic perfection.


A Raven touch screen controller in the recording booth gives you the independence to run your own DAW project from wherever creativity strikes.

Voice command the room’s custom led lighting and dial in the vibes.

Equipment List

  • SSL 48 Ch. Duality Delta Console 
  • Slate Digital Raven MTi Touchscreen (in Booth)
  • AMS Neve 1081 Preamp
  • Tube Tech CL-1B Compressor 
  • Pultec EQP1A EQ
  • Avalon AD2055 Stereo EQ
  • Teletronix LA/2A Leveling Amplifier 
  • Empirical Labs Distressor 
  • Roland DSE/3000 Digital Delay
  • Lexicon PCM96 Reverb 
  • BURL B80 Mothership Audio Converters
  • Antelope 10MX Master Clock 
  • Hearback Cue System   
  • Yamaha NS10 Monitors w/ Bryston 4B Amplifier
  • Barefoot MicroMain 26 Monitors 
  • Augspurger Duo Main Monitor System 
  • Mac Pro 8 Core 3 Ghz Intel Xeon w/ 32GB of RAM